GCT Bayonne handles largest volume to date.

GCT Bayonne successfully unloaded more than 5,200 lifts from the Houston Express in under 52 hours, making it the largest volume handled so far at the new semi-automated RMG berth. In order to make that happen, the newly-trained workforce performed an impressive >100 berth moves per hour.

Introducing the newly renamed GCT Terminals.

On October 1st, Global Containers Terminals officially launched the first phase of the rebranding initiative by renaming all 4 terminals. Designed to create unity and strengthen awareness, the rebranding program will also serve as our company’s recommitment to our core beliefs of innovation, sustainability and safety.

Global Terminal launches new mobile app.

Global Terminal has just released a new mobile app designed to make it easier for customers, truckers and stakeholders to access important information on the go.

The new Global Terminal expansion is on target.

After more than four years of planning, construction, testing and training, the Global Terminal expansion officially took delivery of the final five RMG cranes last Thursday. The new semi-automated terminal will have the harbour’s fastest turnaround times and is expected to execute its first commercial lift this June.

Global Terminal is the first terminal in North America to upgrade to Navis N4 2.5.

This exciting upgrade will support Global’s goals to increase capacity and productivity while minimizing environmental impact. The successful implementation of this technology was largely due to the strong partnership between Global and Navis as the two companies worked together to extensively test the system.


On October 17th, the first five of twenty automated Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes arrived at Global Terminal. The cranes, designed and manufactured by Konecranes, were a remarkable sight to behold as they were unloaded with precise choreography over the course of three days. Each crane is 80 feet tall and can lift up to 40 tons at a time. The remaining fifteen cranes are expected to arrive in the near future as Global Terminal continues to prepare for the April 2014 go-live date.

The new automated truck gates are officially open.

Final testing of Global Terminal’s innovative, automated truck gate system has been completed on schedule and is running smoothly. The advanced system includes 19 in-gates and 10 out-gates and uses RFID and OCR technology to ensure trucker safety while increasing efficiency.

Global Terminal’s deep water berth expansion is complete.

The berth extension at Global Terminal is complete, making it officially big ship ready. Located outside the Bayonne Bridge, the 2,700-foot deep water berth makes Global Terminal the only facility in the New York harbor able to accommodate vessels over 8,000 TEUs.


In this exclusive series, Journal of Commerce writer Joseph Bonney goes behind the scenes at Global Terminal for an up-close look at the expansion project.

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